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Graham .

Auckland, New Zealand

Joined this community on Mar 4, 2019

Bio I have managed projects and innovation in the private, government and voluntary sectors. I am responsible for both long term plans and short term results. I am passionate about the ocean: its potential to help us, our potential to mess it up. I love working with volunteers and hope to continue building a great international team around this project. During 7 years in the Royal Navy, I gained some understanding of the ocean, including the difficulty of building things to survive out there. I also gained a valuable insight into what we can do to fix things up, and what we cannot. I have many interests in conservation: for example I am reforesting a block of pasture in Northland. When asked "What is your interest in conservation?" I could offer many answers. But I don't expect conservation to be funded by Government or charity, so we must be smart about it. The Internet of Things lets us imagine ways to stop people evading conservation controls, at a cost that we citizens can afford. Probably we will need business to take risks and work at a scale larger than any one national government, in this case because the problem is trans-national.

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