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A NON-BRAINER Raw sewage will flow into our creeks and harbours for many years to come. Nutrients we eat and don't convert into energy are lost in blackwater toxic sewage sludge. Changing rules to allow for safe multi chamber composting toilets as a second/third toilet in a dwelling in urban city limits can help - provide an alternative safe toilet function during infrastructure failures or natural disasters, - reduce sewage overflow, - save valuable drinking water, - recycle valuable...

Ellen ellen.sch@orcon.net.nz
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Ellen ellen.sch@orcon.net.nz

Ellen ellen.sch@orcon.net.nz

Auckland, New Zealand

Joined this community on Mar 4, 2019

Bio passionate community gardener and grassroots resource recoverist; organic horticulture tutor with a passion for subtropicals growing in the backyard

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