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If you're a company that uses a bottle, you need to be able to accept the old bottles. Companies use bottles all the time but its usually a one way delivery. Restaurants, bars and cafes all get bottle delivery, but it should be that when you finish with the bottles, you put them back in the box and give it back when the new ones are delivered. Its so much easier to wash bottles you know fit in your processing plant than make or re-melt new ones. 

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Monty Walsh

Commuting to town on the north western cycleway is something I am already doing, and it is great. However, the one bugbear that a lot of my friends have with it is that they don't want to risk getting soaked on the 30-40 min commute, or have to deal with the sunstroke on hot summers days. As a way to promote people who aren't keen cyclists to use the cycleway more often, and as a prevention method towards a more unpredictable climate, I feel like this could be a small step in the right...

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