Auckland's Climate Action Plan

Free Bus & Train Tickets within each Zone

Make riding buses and trains free for those who travel within the same zone, or for those traveling to the next train station

Finish this sentence: “I would use my car less if…”

my bus/ train ride was free

How we can overcome barriers related to active and public transport uptake?

How can we improve walking and cycling experiences around the city?

How we can reduce car dependence in the city?

Currently the convenience of driving my own car out-weighs the cost of taking a public transport when I'm traveling short distances i.e. same zone.  Hence, making it free will attract more users.

How can we increase equity of transport access?

Portia Osborne 1 month ago

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Andrew Dyson 1 month ago

How do we pay for it?

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Lachlan Jackson 2 weeks ago

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