Auckland's Climate Action Plan

Invest in better virtual workspace tech

I recently read an article about how VR technology is enabling more and more work to be done in virtual space. If I could see a lifelike projection of my colleagues, and interact them in a virtual workspace, with unlimited "desktop" and gesture based control, I wouldn't need to travel anywhere, except for the odd occasion where I wanted the personal, face to face flavour of interaction.

Finish this sentence: “I would use my car less if…”

I could do my work in virtual space

How we can overcome barriers related to active and public transport uptake?

As it stands I need ways to get to a variety of locations from Beach Haven, from Whangaparaoa to Grey Lynn. But if I could interact virtually that would bypass the public transport quandary

How can we improve walking and cycling experiences around the city?

safe cycle lanes, subsidies of ebikes

How we can reduce car dependence in the city?

make it easier to go other ways, or VR it

How can we increase equity of transport access?

means tested free transport for those who need it

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