Auckland's Climate Action Plan

An "Every One Every Day" Auckland

In the borough of Barking and Dagenham in England, a participatory revolution is taking place, called "Every one Every Day". In the past year more than 2,000 people have participated in 70 community led projects to improve the local area through collaboration by ordinary people. The outputs are diverse: urban farming, community cooking, and more, and the outcomes will be increased social capital and trust, greater well being, and greatly reduced community carbon footprint. 

How was this achieved? local innovation support teams set up microsites, "shopfronts" throughout the community, neighbourhood by neighbourhood, and in these inviting spaces residents wandering by could stop in, see things going on in the area, get inspired and join a local project or start one of their own. Every idea that comes from the community will be tested and promoted, to see if it might have legs in the community. 

Every One Every Day aims to move from a baseline of 3% participation in community projects to 30% over a few years. Imagine what Auckland communities would look like if 30 or even 50 percent of our local people collaborated in practical projects to improve our community. Often it's not about doing something new, just doing something that we are currently trained by our environment do individualistically, in a more collaborative fashion: co-housing, co-cooking, co-making, co-repairing, co-gardening, all of these things lead to a lower carbon footprint. They also signal a shift in society to communities that really create the future in collaboration with each other, business, and government, instead of waiting as passive consumers for somebody to do it for them. 

see a video of what this looks like in practice here

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Climate Primate 1 month ago

This is such a great project and great idea to draw it into Auckland on a climate change kaupapa! Auckland is awaiting this kind of social innovation - the ones where it bubbles up from underneath. Council struggles with this everyday - doing community development in a city where particiaption is kind of uncool. Let's change that.

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HarrisonFossey 1 month ago

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