Auckland's Climate Action Plan

Incentivize or force producers to reduce non-recyclable packaging

Richard Neate
Richard Neate | 3 months ago | in Designing out waste

Let's put the cost of disposing of packaging onto the manufacturer though a levy.  When it costs them you'll be amazed how quickly they'll find ways to reduce packaging and make what's left recyclable.

Climate Primate 4 weeks ago

This is critical and a no brainer. Producers need to take responsibility for what they produce and if they are producing unfriendly products they have to improve or stop! Its called moral and social responsibility. Regulate for it!

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Climate Primate 3 weeks ago

Just want to reiterate: Producers need to take responsibility for what they produce. Emitters including passenger vehicle drivers need to take responsibility for their output, and so do producers. IF YOU CAN'T TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR IT, STOP PRODUCING IT.

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