Auckland's Climate Action Plan

Use it up?

This is the issue of the tragedy of the commons, shall we use it up first, before someone else does. Clearly low carbon emissions in AK while all our manufactured goods come from somewhere else that continues to make global warming happen achieves little. NZ has small, with no real power to influence the global situation. 

The pragmatic decision, to which we are culturally inclined, is to continue to use it up , because every one else is. This is what we have been doing. Morally problematic? Yes!

At a personal level, I suggest that at a very bare minimum we all abandon touristic air travel, and work to discourage tourist visits to AKL.

Earl Mardle 1 week ago

Agreed. However, we need a mechanism. In my post I have suggested that the city require that all participants for any event using publicly owned facilities be able to show that they have a 100% carbon offset for all activities from the time of departure to their return home. Otherwise, no access to those facilities.

We also need to withdraw permits for motorsport. I say this as a lifelong petrolhead BTW. Its not just the wasted FF in the racing, its the huge use of FF for thousands of people getting to the events and home again.

Maybe closing city-owned car parking buildings (do we have any left or have they all been privatised?) and ramping up a climate crisis mitigation line in the rates on those sites.

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