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A plant based diet cuts your carbon footprint by 50%

Aya M
Aya M | 9 months ago | in Open Ideas

Based on the facts, moving to plant based diet/life will contribute to save the environment.

Climate Change:

Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions

-51% due to LIVESTOCK and their byproducts

-13% due to transport (road, rail, air & marine)

Water use:

The meat & dairy industry use 1/3 of earths fresh water

i.e. Aprx 1025 lt of water is used to produce 1 lt of milk


Waster from a farm of 2500 dairy cows = waste from a city of 411,000 people

Land use:

1/3 of land is desertified due to live stock

1.5 acres of land  to produce = 16782 kg of plant based food or  170kg of meat


A plant based diet cuts your carbon footprint by 50%

Aya M 9 months ago

This is not a coincident that animal agriculture (especially dairy) is related to the climate change based on the fact

NZ :
"Continued dairy conversions have been a feature
of the change in the region as the number of dairy cows
in milk has increased from 149 000 in 1994 to 682 000
in 2010 in Otago and Southland (Table 1). Sheep
numbers have declined significantly"

"From 1990 to 2013, global gross greenhouse
gas emissions from human activities increased 51 percent"

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Kate Harris 9 months ago

100% the easiest way to stop climate change and become the clean, green country we like to think we are.

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Sam Yockney 9 months ago

I think we should use technology to make our dairy industry more environmentally sound rather than stop raising cows and sheep all together. Making food for the world is a good thing. Meat and milk powder are dense in nutrients so they ship more efficiently. Farmers here tend to have a holistic approach to their work and if they don't they can be taught. The government can also pull the reigns with regulation and funding.

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