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Ban single use plastic

Debbie Berry
Debbie Berry | 9 months ago | in What has to change?

There needs to be on going educational campaigns to help people understand where all there plastic is going and the impact it has on the earth and every individual has to do their part.

This list is very long but you will get the idea. Supermarkets and retail shops need to get on board.

Vegies wrap in plastic, non recycle meat trays and wrapped in gladwrap, toilet paper wrapped in plastic, bread, most childrens food comes in tiny snack size wrappers (buy bulk and put in containers), non-compostable single use coffee cups, plastic throw away knives and forks, polystyrene food takeaway containers.

Pretty much everything we buy is wrapped in plastic.

We as consumers need to be responsible for our actions but we also need the manufactures to get on board and reduce their packaging.  


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Sarah McKay 9 months ago

I agree and it should extend to non-composatable single use coffee cups.

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Sarah McKay 9 months ago

non-compostable that is

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Debbie Berry 9 months ago

I agree

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