Auckland's Climate Action Plan

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Shirley Coutts 4 months ago

Keep talking about the weather and start to talk about its cost! Climate change is a highly complex 'unseen' issue and we have really struggled for years to educate and communicate to everyone what it is. We now almost daily reports on extreme weather events on tv complete with images of devastation (which is a manifestation of changes in climate patterns) and yet the same people feeling concerned as towns being swept away often dismiss any discussions about climate change. This is largely because the term climate change has been heavily politicized.

We need to change tack and let people make the connection themselves between weather (what we get - which theyre seeing a lot of these days) and climate (what we expect). If we focus the public conversations on the cost of extreme weather events and other impacts we can now see (coastal erosion, tropical diseases etc) it will appeal to the selfish, greedy, survival instincts of people for whom the strength of the scientific argument and/or altruistic arguments haven't worked.

I know some people are starting to feel concerned that insurance companies are scrambling due to the number of claims from weather-related damage/events. To remain lucrative, insurance industry will have to charge more. What will that mean for Joe Bloggs and his new $1m mortgage in Auckland?

Just to be clear, am not suggesting scaremongering, just simply appealing to people in a way that will get them to feel they need to invest in diagnosing the problem and hopefully this leads them to being part of the solution.

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Suzanne Strain 4 months ago

Too frequent communications causes people to loose interest. I think weekly updates (both positive and negative) of changes over the week to alert people to what is happening without overpowering with climate change as a scaremongering tactic.

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RABF22 4 months ago

Beware compassion fatigue - too often and people will become annoyed or immune.

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Hamish Lindop 4 months ago

I think I have a sense of "yes and" for this... I personally don't watch the daily news so I'm wondering what would reach people like me.

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AdaptationAdvocate 3 months ago

Firstly, there should be a documentary after every IPCC event explaining the key points and updating the trends in global action.

Secondly, there should be annual NZ documentaries that inform us on the scorecard of our leadership on actions - beyond planning discussion, compared to the best examples around the world.

Thirdly, it might be useful to have a weekly or monthly item in the news that reviews the climate-related news from NZ and globally for the past week or month. The risk with these more frequent reports is that they fade into the background like a weather report.

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