Auckland's Climate Action Plan

No to a news item on climate change everyday

Climate change isn’t something NZ should have a news item on everyday. Tell us why you picked this in the comments.

Shaun Brown 9 months ago

It would just be propaganda and lies from the UN.

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Shaun Brown 9 months ago

Stop wasting rates on this stuff. The Auckland council is not mandated to meddle in climate change policy. Concentrate on core business. Fix the damn roads! The Takanini motorway is a joke!

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Ben Mortensen 9 months ago

Too depressing

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Shirley Coutts 9 months ago

Not because it isn't important but its too politicized and public discussions become ineffective. Need to change tack.

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non applicable non applicable 9 months ago

There should be news only when it's required.
Otherwise it's not news, it's padding.

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PR Payne 9 months ago

I think once a day would be overwhelming and make people switch off. Maybe once a week?

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Megan Lee 9 months ago

If there are too many stories about the negative impacts of climate change people will be too overwhelmed which leads to becoming disengaged from the topic.

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Saul Deeber 7 months ago

Once a day would risk people switching off the topic and Ben counter-productive. A series of focused articles say once a week or fortnight with a strategic comms plan and message/goals would be more effective.

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Jason Mamford 3 months ago

The climate is changing very very slowly. The temperature is going up by under 0.01 degree each year. The sea level is going up by 1.6mm each year. Look at NIWA data to confirm that.
Nothing much is happening with the climate. There is no emergency.

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