Auckland's Climate Action Plan

Yes to a NZ news item on climate change everyday

A daily news item on climate change item would be a step in the right direction. Tell us more in the comments below.

Kowhai Olsen 9 months ago

Firstly, I'm keen to understand why the registration process includes options for international interest in Auckland concerns and feedback. Whilst Climate change is a global issue, external interest do not experience the same calibre of impacts nationally. I think it is important to keep NZ'ers updated about National impacts as well as giving precise measures of solutions to combat our impact on the global issue. All regional councils should be engaging with mana whenua across NZ to understand maramataka and whakatika o nga hara.

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Melissa Everitt 9 months ago

Yes! But in very simple non-technical language :-)

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Kate Harris 9 months ago

People are too eager to forget this monumentally important change upon us which makes it all too easy to do nothing. With further exposure more people will make changes in their own lives and it will increase pressure on the government to take action rather than make flimsy promises with no plans behind them.

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Jandra Laine 9 months ago

Yes I think there should be simple daily reminders of what we can do

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Florence Kwok 9 months ago

Get more people to know what's happening daily

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Fiona Docherty Wright 9 months ago

We are not taking this seriously as we don't know we need to be told.

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Mark Miller 9 months ago

Yes - but important to also include positive items where appropriate

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Suzanne Sandiford 9 months ago

People need help to change their behaviour, many of the willing are already on board and trying do what they can to minimise their impact on the environment - this is because they have been made aware. Many folks still live in ignorant bliss. We need to raise the profile ten fold

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Maddie Little 9 months ago

Yes, we should have news on climate change impact as we are currently experiencing it, what is forecatsed and actions taking place to lower our emissions/mitigate the effects.

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kelp strewn 9 months ago


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Marcus Palmer 9 months ago

Stories about businesses that are the worst polluters and carbon emitters, and businesses people who are doing good things would be welcome.
I think it's not seen a sexy news topic, but could be - and should because the stakes are high .
I think news coverage would also drive the political will to act.

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Adamww 9 months ago

The news always relies on how terrible things are; as this is more likely to get people's attention but this also turns people off dealing with climate change - there HAS to be positive stories on what is being done to solve man-made climate so everyone starts to get involved.

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Dhaneshree Ndebele 6 months ago

The student strike tomorrow has got my kids talking and questioning. It is obvious that it has sparked an interest because it has occurred to them that they are the generation who will need to take accountability for the burden we have put on them. We need to stimulate dialogue and share our tools and strategies on a daily basis through the most popular channels.

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Benjamin Dupont 4 months ago

This would go in the right direction but the focus on good news is dangerous as it leads to a belief that we are doing enough. The media should tell the truth about the absolute emergency and not shy away from presenting worrying evidence. The belief that scary news are demotivating is what led us here, with constant understatement of the seriousness of the situation.

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Tania Hack 3 months ago

I think bringing back an environmental desk at many of the large media outlets would show how important this is to those people watching the news every night.

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Andrew Dyson 3 months ago

Also known as propaganda.

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Harold Curry 2 months ago

All other news is less important. Any site, paper, radio or tv news source that fails to include daily climate news is missing the main story, sadly. Time to panic.

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