Auckland's Climate Action Plan

Fund public transport another way

Public transport should be funded in a different way. Tell us more in the comments below.

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Kowhai Olsen 9 months ago

Development contributions. Development impacts on transport capacity, therefore should be a main source of community development needs including Road safe management, Arterial route plans and Potential network upgrades. Mana Whenua nationally MUST be included in all future network growth and development.

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Andrew McCormack 9 months ago

I'd be willing to pay a little bit more in tax if it was a temporary (over a period of transition) across-the-board increase and every last cent of the increase went into climate transition and adaption. I feel like given the stakes, most people would be totally fine with this if it were relative across the board - everyone pays. Something like 5% or less would have a huuuuge impact. Then we can look into additional tax increases specifically for industrial emitters. The more resource, the faster we can transition. The quicker we can be an international example and advise other international car-cities on our best practice. I know this is a job for central government but im unaware of any similar avenue to propose it outside of a political party.

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AlexSB 9 months ago

Green bonds

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Monty Walsh 9 months ago

One way would be to introduce a higher fee for companies to have their own parking. Then have it on an area basis, with Auckland CBD having the highest fee for each parking spot, the inner city suburbs having less, the community hubs having less, the industrial centres having less again and so on. We need to make the companies stop enabling people to bring their private cars and actually use alternative methods.

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Navin Weeraratne 9 months ago

There's no silver bullet, and we need to develop holistic and integrated systems that address the complex issues associated with population growth and climate change, and resulting social/public service funding challenges. This also means generating revenues through value creation so as to make any implemented solutions truly sustainable and resilient.

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Dan W 9 months ago

Consider a car parking levy - Nottingham, UK charges $1000 a space a year for all employers with 10 or more parks. It borrows against this income stream to pay for a light rail system, bus upgrades and a cycleway network.

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Shirley Coutts 9 months ago

Carbon taxes, development contributions, reallocate investment from polluting industries/activities eg do we need millions of ratepayers money to go towards a private facility for speedway - why cant that be privately funded? We have to make a conscious, principled decision to be part of the solution and not the problem.

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Molly84 7 months ago

Show that climate change is a priority. Disband the ATEED division of Auckland Council, and invest those funds in transition policies and projects, including public transport.
Auckland Transport needs to be brought back into Auckland Council, the issue of how people move and how people live should be designed with both considerations in mind.

Some realisation has to occur at Auckland Council, that there are many residents who are currently not able to met financial commitments, and many of those residents live in areas poorly served by public transport services. To encourage use, fares need to drop, and services need to be increased and reliable.

During the Unitary Plan the decision was made - without public discussion - to drop a proposal for a capital lift equity tax. So that those whose land value rose due to a change in landuse, would have to pay a tax either on sale of that land, or development. This reasonable tax was ignored, and once again, not imposed on the SHA developments. Effectively, Auckland Council provided landowners with immense increases in value, and in the case of SHA's and then raised rates for all Aucklanders to meet increased costs.

This habitual rates raising mechanism, instead of looking at alternative fair levy or tax systems, or decreasing arbitrary budget items, needs to stop.

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R GM 5 months ago

Toll charges on main highways and main roads would be acceptable to the travelling public.

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Climate Primate 5 months ago

There is enough funding around, we are just using it in traditional ways that have not yet responded to the modern CLIMATE, by which I mean CLIMATE CHANGE. Make the transport system work optimally - then we know what is possible.

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Axlraf 4 months ago

Raise taxes on empty houses!

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Anne Nicolson 4 months ago

Inner city parking meters could charge more for cars with number plates identify them as being larger vehicles. Many of our parking meters require drivers to enter their plate numbers as they pay. Long vehicles take up way more space and in general generate more carbon dioxide per km per occupant than smaller cars. I guess I am just talking about 'user pays' and suggesting that our new smart meters could easily talk to some database to enable this. Obvious up side is raising a bit more parking revenue for public transport while incentivising smaller less polluting cars.

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Aurelius 3 months ago

Funding from central government. A national rail company that provides high speed transport nationwide.

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