Auckland's Climate Action Plan

Use revenue from congestion charging in Auckland to fund public transport improvements.

The best way to fund new public transport is to use revenue from congestion charging for better public transport. Tell us more in the comments below.

Kowhai Olsen 3 months ago

Fix the transportation networks capability to service residential hubs before applying congestion charges on the public. Auckland Transport does not have a reliable and dependable network for residents to abandon private vehicle usage culture, therefore planning phase failures should not be applied at the expense of Aucklanders but the transport system.

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non applicable non applicable 3 months ago

This has already been voted on by the public and the consensus is toll roads are widely supported.

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Florence Kwok 3 months ago

Improve on the public transport network

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kelp strewn 3 months ago


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Climate Primate 1 week ago

Congestion charges should disincentive certain vehicle use patterns, like trips to a certain place where there are reliable high turnover public transport links - like the CBD. It essentially becomes an additional cost to working in the CBD, but only for those who don't think they should or could change their behaviour. For those who can change, well there are lots of options.

For those who can't or won't, lets make sure we use that income stream on something meaningful - sorry, why would we use it for transport improvements?

Imagine if we funded a bike rebate scheme with bike retailers using income from drivers who refuse to change. Or we could use it for free breakfasts for public transport users. Or train improvements, or subsidising fares in an equitable way...

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R GM 2 days ago

Difficult to manage and even more difficult to define just what exactly is congestion. Bad idea.

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