Auckland's Climate Action Plan

Increase public transport fares to fund public transport improvements

Raising public transport fares to pay for public transport improvements would be the best idea. Tell us more in the comments below.

Kowhai Olsen 4 months ago

I will say it again, international feedback should not be eligible in localised issues. DO NOT raise public transport fares until the network is reliable. Congestion is a major issue in Auckland because customers do not trust the frequency network.
I'm from the Ihumaatao community who have requested a network service for our small but significant community who have been impacted by development. We DO NOT even have a bus service run through us who are 4.2km from the nearest bus network. Let us experience the network before becoming contributors to an expensive future plan.

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Andrew McCormack 4 months ago

Bad idea. A daily commute is already fairly expensive comparative to driving. We're trying to get people out of cars, not punish people who are already making the right decision. We can collect revenue from all sorts of places before this.

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Aaron MacKinnon 4 months ago

Not in agreement with raising fares on public transport

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Kara Goddard 4 months ago

crazy idea , public transport should be cheaper or free

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Kitt Isidro 4 months ago

Disagree with this...To increase patronage, PT should be more affordable. Big families, say 5 or more, is cheaper to use their car instead of taking PT.

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