Auckland's Climate Action Plan

Continue using fuel taxes to fund public transport improvements

The current model of using fuel taxation to pay for transport improvements is the best. Tell us more in the comments below.

Kowhai Olsen 2 months ago

Firstly, still disappointed in the registration process for this feedback page, having included international options for interest in localised issues of Auckland NZ. Tourism does not directly contribute to the infrastructure and service demand for Auckland, so until that happens...
Fuel taxes are not aiding the effective function of ratepayer, taxpayer communities in Auckland, so SHOULD NOT be applied. High fuel cost impacts on the common contributors by making it expensive to forful employment obligations, therefore less contributions to the pot. The public transport network is not yet reliable enough to change the culture of utilisation. So, fuel taxes are actually, inhibiting the progress of aucklands ratepayer/taxpayer functionality.

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Nicholas Carman 2 months ago

While I think congestion charging is more desirable, some money needs to be spent up front to make that possible. A fuel tax will give us the money we need.

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Fiona Docherty Wright 1 month ago

I think we should ensure that fuel tax goes into public transport solutions

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Rochelle Boylan 1 month ago

Increasing fuel taxes is unfair as it doesn't capture those using electric vehicles, which also cause wear and tear on our roads. It also penalises those who have had to move further out of Auckland due to housing and accommodation shortages, etc. Increasing public transport costs will only penalise those trying to do the right thing by trying to reducing traffic on the roads. I live in south Auckland and work in the city, and it is actually cheaper for me to drive to work than take public transport. Our roads are not built to last, incurring costly repairs that create frustration and gridlock. What can we do to increase the quality of our roads, before we make them. We're also short sited on planning improvements, by the time one extra lane has been added to the highway - they should have been adding two lanes. Perhaps seeking to change the business models we currently have to ease traffic congestion? Perhaps encouraging those using larger trucks for transport, to drive outside peak times (6am - 6pm) and adding a fee or levy if they wish to drive during peak times. I guess, at the end of the day - we need a better public transport system, due to an ever increasing population and poor planning of prior infrastructure. I believe this to be a government and council problem, therefore both should work together, to enable a review for reallocation of funds they already have at their disposal.

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Marcus Palmer 1 month ago

Fuel taxes in Auckland aren't pretty but it's far better than taxing the people who ride the transport through higher fares.
I think it does pushes people away from their cars.

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