Auckland's Climate Action Plan

I haven’t changed my diet to eat less red meat

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Melissa Everitt 6 months ago

I'm not eating less read meat but already don't have much of this in my diet. I probably eat red meat once a fortnight

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Suzanne Sandiford 6 months ago

I don't eat that much but I need the iron so it is an easy way for me to get what I need.

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Jason Mamford 4 weeks ago

I eat a small amount of meat every day. Eating meat is essential for good nutrition.
It is quite wrong to say that meat causes climate change, so don't say it.
NZ produces and exports a huge amount of meat, and that needs to continue.

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Alexis Merlin 5 days ago

The climate is the basic thing to balance the environment with the hazard of the dangerous climate and the hurdle. The climate action plan presents the review in which the diet plan is presented with the less use of the red meat in the food.

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