Auckland's Climate Action Plan

I kind of understand what my carbon footprint is

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Rubab Khan 8 months ago

I do understand that my carbon footprint involves everything I use/consume on a daily basis, including my fuel costs (even on public transport), power consumption, food consumption, waste, etc.

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Rochelle Boylan 8 months ago

I understand what makes up a carbon footprint, but not sure how much mine would be. I chose to purchase local, sustainable products, free or minimal packaging, containing no plastic or palm oil.

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Juliet Williams 8 months ago

I understand it's day-to-day as well as the big stuff (like flights) but don't necessarily get everything that makes up a carbon footprint. Definitely changing the things that I have identified as making a difference (eg using car less and saving for EV, using PT more, eating less meat and fish, growing some of my own veg) but guess I need to look harder at everything possible to reduce.

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