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I know what my carbon footprint is

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David MacClement 10 months ago

· I haven't re-checked it in the last five-to-ten years, but I'm living at the same level now; my overall Ecological Footprint (carbon is one of four factors) was 83 percent of the sustainable EF. I can find the four components if asked.

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Maike 9 months ago

We're measuring our carbon footprints at work and then compete against each other by who can reduce it the most and who's got the lowest impact. We recently started to include food and accommodation. Unfortunately, (international) flights increase the footprint immensely, so we try to at least offset our flights (it's hard to stop flying completely, especially with family all around the world).

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Maddie Little 9 months ago

I used futurefit to find out. My main action is cutting down on dairy.

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kelp strewn 9 months ago

Long term sustainable level is 2000kg per year per person world wide. A single flight to Europe causes the equivalent of 5000kg of emissions. Therefore, tourism, and mass immigration where people regularly fly "home" are not going to be able to be maintained if anti warming targets are to be met. See climate scientists who don't fly for more.

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Lisa Humphrey 7 months ago

Future fit is great for this and to show areas to target! My main area is travel through international flights...

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Jason Mamford 4 months ago

Nobody needs to know their carbon footprint. The 0.041% of carbon dioxide in the air (and 0.00018% of methane) are NOT changing the climate in any measurable way. If you think otherwise, show me the data.
There are 3000 billion tons of carbon in the air already, and it is being absorbed by the ocean to be added to the 100 million billion tons of carbon in limestone and sediments.
Even million of tons of carbon are negligible compared with these figures.

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