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No - climate change IS NOT being communicated effectively

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Debbie Berry 2 months ago

No because to many people I talk to don't care because they are not educated. The damage that is happening needs to reach these people so they can change their attitudes.

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Fred Smithers 2 months ago

I agree Debbie, many people do not have the time or concern to worry about climate change because they don't understand it, have been misled about how it works (and therefore doubt that it exists) or don't understand the impacts. Other people do understand climate change, but are suffering from cognitive dissonance and hence choose not to care about it. I think we need to move beyond all the negativity and doom and gloom and instead with the empathy find some common ground and emphasise about the positive vision for the future and our children - things like clean and green transport, healthy and sustainable food systems, zero emission healthy buildings... etc!

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Shirley Coutts 1 month ago

Its a very complex issue that's hard for the average person to truly understand. We (around the world, not just NZ or Auckland) still haven't found the breakthrough we need to increase the level of awareness and understanding of the general public about this issue.

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Maddie Little 1 month ago

The communication has not effectively achieved making Aucklanders aware that it is everyone's problem. There is still so much disengagement.

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Mandy Osborne 1 month ago

It is hard not feel disheartened with the scale of the problem. It is also hard to visualise human beings changing/sacrificing their ways/lifestyles to help avert the predicted crisis.
So much of the human world is structured around, commerce, materialism and this surely would take generations to re structure

People would rather think about Christmas Shopping than Climate Change.

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Marcus Palmer 1 month ago

I feel the media give a somewhat one dimension explanation of climate change, it seems that it's cars and cows - or something.
For example:
There must be more detail about who is emitting the most and how we can put pressure on them?
Are there way we can give R&D incentives to people developing clean affordable alternatives?

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Elizabeth Daun 2 weeks ago

Today I did my own mini survey at birkenhead mall I stopped 25 people and asked them if they were aware of the thawing of the tundra in the north pole . Not one person was aware. I spent approximately an hour explaining in detail what this was about. Everyone I stopped was deeply interested and wanted to know what they might be able to do. This situation shows an epic failure in awareness and demonstrates a total lack of information . Many people asked me for relevant websites. Which I gave them. I basically did this while my daughters organised there school book stationary for the coming year. We have an urgent information problem . This is abundantly clear to me. Not one person was aware how our poles could impact on sealevels and how it would effect life in auckland. This is an epic problem and an utter failure in terms of community awareness. Please contact me if you would like my help . text me on 0204832100

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