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Yes - my house is warm enough

My home stays warm enough.
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AlexSB 10 months ago

When we bought our house we insulated it, installed solar panels and a heat pump. I am glad we did at a time when there was cheap finance to make these changes. I do think that anyone who rents out a house needs to meet environmental and health standards with regards heating, ventilation and insulation.

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Kara Goddard 9 months ago

My house is great, well insulated and wide windows that face north, even in winter its warm, and No its not new, its 1970s semi attached unit. nothing flash just really well positioned and insulated.

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Shirley Coutts 9 months ago

My home is warm enough but there are plenty others that less fortunate who don't have access to this poll. I hope the results of this poll will be taken with a grain of salt

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kelp strewn 9 months ago


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PR Payne 9 months ago

I'm fortunate to rent a house with a heat pump. Without that, I doubt it would be warm enough.

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