Auckland's Climate Action Plan

E-scooters are a practical transport option.

A useful way to get around Auckland. E-scooters have a place in Auckland’s future transport system. 

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Regan Duff 11 months ago

there doesnt seem to be a lot of people using this app

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Sarah Le Claire 10 months ago

I have just bought my own after struggling with the new bus service for the past 4 months, which just doesn't work for me. I love my e-scooter. My commute, door-to-door, is now the same length of time it takes me just to get to the bus stop with the new service. There are lots of things to consider when buying one, in terms of how / in what combination you'll use it. For me, it's a complete replacement. I only have to charge it once every 3 days, and also use it for short journeys at the weekend to nip to the dairy etc. Great to be able to use the car much less and be independent.

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AlexSB 10 months ago

They are fun and have a place. They will compliment other forms of active and public transport. Quite expensive to hire so if people are into them they may want to buy. Perhaps we need to think hard about more places to park scooters and bicycles in built up areas.

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Charles Widdicombe 10 months ago

The question will be whether they are somewhat replacing public transport, enhance it (by allowing people to get to hubs / stations quicker), or just changing from walking (i.e. taking them because it's quicker than walking). Maybe the Council could do a survey of Lime riders and e-scooter owners to see what category they are in?

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Kitt Isidro 9 months ago

It's a good transport option, but there should be clear rules/policies of use at the same time policing/enforcing these rules.

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Fred Smithers 9 months ago

Overall they are practical - but not for everyone/ every trip. I think they are a good thing not only to get around but because they will catalyse a conversation that we need to have about our city and how we allocate space for transport in it. It just doens't make sense to prioritise the car moving forward because of geometry! We just don't have enough space for everyone to get around in cars anymore! But we need to have this conversation sooner rather than later, because presently there are issues with the scooters.

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Shane Lewis 9 months ago

but a lot of serious injuries are occurring so more safety and usability is needed

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Fei Yau Lim 9 months ago

Love it for last mile connectivity. Need more special lanes and safety awareness/ gear rules if we want to make them more widely adopted and safer for both riders and pedestrians. Most sidewalks are not really smooth with all uneven sections on the pavements. Can reduce cars in the city if more park and ride sites are available on city fridge. The lime scooters are not cheap but if you are a regular user, it might be better to buy your own EV.

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Maddie Little 9 months ago

If it will encourage people to take a scooter rather than drive then I think they are a fantastic option. They need to be cheaper so people are encouraged to travel longer distances (i.e. it isn't people that would usually walk using them, it's people that would usually drive using them).

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kelp strewn 9 months ago


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Marcus Palmer 9 months ago

I use them to fill the gap between the stations destination.
Bring it on.
I would even support Auckland Transport looking at a competing model to the current private model, at least that would stop capital flight.

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Juliet Williams 9 months ago

I'm interested and think they're a good option - I do like walking, but when you're in a hurry or just plain tired they look pretty tempting!
I would like to see people more conscious of safety while using them though - you can't fix stupid, but given highlights so far have included an idiot on a Lime whizzing down the middle of Fanshawe Street, no helmet, in the middle of rush hour traffic, and the not-so-funny give-way dance when a central city crossing buzzer goes and ten Limes going in opposite directions are competing for space with a hundred pedestrians crossing six ways, I do think the element of risk is a little high right now.

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Greater Auckland 7 months ago

The popularity of the e-scooters share scheme has shone a light on the suppressed demand for moving around Auckland independently of cars, and the variety of options that people will eagerly adopt in addition to cycling and walking.

Auckland needs to respond by allowing scooters to use cyclelanes, and by rapidly growing the cyclelane network. This can only happen if the capacity to build cycleways is also grown, by providing a steady work programme.

According to the UN, 20% of transport budget should be spent on active mode infrastructure, at both a national and a city level. In NZ, it's barely a tenth of that, and until recently, was much lower. We are in catch up mode, and probably need to spend more than 20% of our budget. To give our people the choice to radically cut their own transport carbon emissions - as well as to become healthier through more physical activity - we need to bring the networks up to scratch. Unfortunately, Auckland's cycleway programme has seen stops and starts and very little workflow security

To grow the capacity of the sector, security of the work programme is needed.

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