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E-scooters are a fad, and won't last.

Have a go for the experience, but they don’t work for as a transport option to get from A – B.
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Melissa Everitt 11 months ago

Might be fun/handy for very short trips but I wouldn't consider it a practice transport option - to me there would need to be more rules around safety, parking and where to ride

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Heinrich Havemann 9 months ago

I think private owned scooters are a genuine practical transport option. Shared scooters for rent in my view will proof to be a fad which will worn off as bad press due to injuries eventually will mean that they will be regulated. This is actually quite sad because there are responsible users who will be influenced by stronger regulation.

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Shirley Coutts 9 months ago

I see a lot of broken down ones so agree with comment about privately owned ones being better option. This will probably end up generating a lot of waste over time.

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Suzanne Sandiford 9 months ago

They will need an infrastructure to support them if they become permanent, I see lots of pedestrians dodging them

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Fei Yau Lim 9 months ago

Having bought one and using it daily. They are really useful for last mile connectivity. Safety is indeed a concern but can be improved with greater safety education to both riders and pedestrians and perhaps enforcing the use of safety gear.

If more dedicated infrastructure like special lanes (with smooth surface like bike lanes) are made accessible, that will definitely increase safety as well as possibly contribute to reducing cars in cities by making available large park and ride facilities on the fringe of the city.

They are a good introduction to EVs which will certainly change their minds about the cars people want to buy in the future. So I think E scooters / E Bikes / E cars and EVs in general will be here to stay and will be the future.

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Graham . 7 months ago

Lime is doing a great job of externalising their costs- so that ACC picks them up. No wonder they are keen on expanding in New Zealand- we can't sue them for the mayhem they cause.

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Tim Rainbow 6 months ago

Until safe pedestrian areas are separated they are causing distress to footpath users. Scooter owned by user appear to use them more appropriately. Great technology but not enough infrastructure and road sense in NZ

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Tim Rainbow 5 months ago

Dangerous on shared footpaths - not a good idea in winter - we will see - Great for private owners who are more careful in using them

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