Auckland's Climate Action Plan


Joan Garth
Joan Garth | 10 months ago | in Open Ideas

 A recent UN report stated we have just 12 years before we reach the point of no return on climate change . Enough to paralyse into inaction those people who don't realise there is an extremely simple plant based solution that the whole family can get behind ., James Cameron in an interview with Christiana Amanpour on CNN this week stated that by adopting more of a plant based way of eating  will have the single biggest impact on turning the thermostat down on global warming and climate change . He says keep up with all the other initiatives already in play but in addition reduce animal based foods - meat and dairy . , Its as simple as starting with changing one meal a day to plant based --- eg having non dairy milk with your breakfast weetbix and coffee .Its really easy and simple .Its also very easy to have one plant based meal day per week .

Not only will the planet win , our health will benefit , the waterways will be less polluted and animal welfare will be significantly improved ........ 

There are numerous articles and documentaries on the subject but the one that got Suzy and James Cameron and our Governor General Dame Patsy Reddy  to sit up and take note was Forks over Knives which is available on Netflicks . The various myths around the benefits of a diet based on animal products are exploded ,




Katell Hartman 1 month ago

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