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Make it part of every contract!

Janet Cole
Janet Cole | 11 months ago | in Designing out waste

What if everything we made, built, designed had to have an agreed proportion of secondhand/ reused/ upcycled/ repurposed/ reprocessed materials? In many cases, this is possible now, but companies don't want to be the first off the block. Let's incorporate this into every contract so it's an even playing field.

Debbie Berry 9 months ago

yes but even more get them to change their packaging, most of the packaging is excessive, polystyrene, plastic wrap all ends up in landfill

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Janet Cole 9 months ago

Hey Debbie-100%!
This would be great to have as a standard part of procurement- Council and its family of organisations, but maybe some standard templates for all of us so we can easily pick up and run with great models of sustainable supply for products and services.

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