Auckland's Climate Action Plan

Decentralize work

The focus with transport is getting from our home to our place of work as efficiently as possible.  But we never put the focus on the demand side - i.e. reducing the distance between; home & work, home & school; home and play, etc. 

If we could move people's place of work or school to their neighborhood as much as possible, we would reduce the number of kms travelled by many millions. It would also improve the feel of the community.

Currently, many organizations have their offices in the CBD. Very few people actually live in the CBD.  If they had a number of smaller offices in the satellite cities, travel would be massively reduced, they'd be leasing office space at much lower rates, and it would boost the economies in the satellite cities.

Also, if your commute is 5km rather than 25km it greatly increases the chance of walking or cycling which has an added fitness benefit.

Finish this sentence: “I would use my car less if…”

my journey to work was shorter.

How we can overcome barriers related to active and public transport uptake?

How can we improve walking and cycling experiences around the city?

How we can reduce car dependence in the city?

How can we increase equity of transport access?

Climate Action 6 months ago

This idea has been advanced to the current phase

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Monty Walsh 5 months ago

This is a great long term policy change, however very difficult to implement in the short term, would you not agree?

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Richard Neate 5 months ago

I'm not sure it's so hard. You can't force people but you can show them and incentivize. I would:

1) Lead by example. AC and the CCOs can lead the charge, show it works, collect metrics around carbon saved, decreased sick leave, better engagement scores, etc.
2) Find some fast follows. Encourage some large household names to join in and give them some support.
3) Find some ways for incentivizing businesses to run multiple offices - maybe discounted rates on satellite offices.

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Hamish Lindop 5 months ago

Building on this idea, I recently read this post which talks about how cutting edge organisations are envisioning having whole headquarter offices in virtual space. Rather than the considerable cost of setting up many spokes in communities, I wonder if we could really decentralise and have people working with others in virtual space teams, whenever they need to.

It's interesting, I work itinerantly as a service coach at Auckland Libraries, and many of our staff work in the communities in which they live. I'm the one that travels between communities to build capabilities in place based teams. But even place based teams need the ability to collaborate seamlessly with others in different locations.

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Richard Neate 5 months ago

Eaxctly right!

Imagine a world where you can walk to a community office (maybe right next door to your kids school) and work with your neighbours, connected to colleagues via IT. We already have the technology with Skype, but for some reason are reluctant to use it.

As well as huge carbon savings, it would have a huge impact on communities. We would know our neighbours better, neighbourhood businesses would thrive with custom close at hand, crime would be down as people will be around all the time, if your kids are sick you can be at school in minutes and the hour or more saved on commuting can be used for something productive (either for your employer or yourself and your community)

I, for one, hardly ever see my neighbours, we are both off to work at the crack of dawn and home late.

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Climate Primate 2 months ago

Game changer.

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Richard Neate 2 months ago

I think so but struggling to get anyone to take it up.

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