Auckland's Climate Action Plan

Social Lab for Climate Innovation

Hamish Lindop
Hamish Lindop | 6 months ago | in Open Ideas

The Social Labs method is a proven method to tackle complex challenges by bringing together government, industry, and civil society on a shared collaborative platform for systems change and innovation.

There are many examples of Social Labs in practice, and their impact, but a relevant one is the e-Lab

Social Labs work systemically, and experimentally, bringing together diverse stakeholders to get a whole system view and understand leverage points, which serve as the guidance for prototyping and innovation. They are platforms for continuous innovation, and as such, need significant and ongoing investment. 

But the return on that investment is the busting of silos, collaborative impact between sectors that leverages the strengths of each, increased capacity for innovation built in participants, and radical solutions which would not otherwise be possible. 


Climate Primate 1 month ago

Like this a lot Hamish and love the direction you have provided on what is possible in this area... these things cannot be held and owned by our public institutions, but must be fired by community spirit.

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