Auckland's Climate Action Plan

All new houses to meet net zero energy

Require all new houses in Auckland to be built to Homestar 10 standard to minimise energy in use, and offset the balance with onsite renewable energy. Too hard? This is what California has mandated by 2020. Let’s give ourselves breathing space and aim for 2021.

How can we ensure that new buildings constructed are healthy, zero emissions and climate proof?

The method is already available and there are plenty of examples of houses and apartments that have achieved the standard, see examples here

How can we encourage more home-owners, developers, businesses and others to build climate-proof and ‘green’?

Mandate through the Unitary Plan. The Government scuppered this the last time Auckland Council tried, but worth trying again and likely to get a more sympathetic hearing.

Climate Action 8 months ago

This idea has been advanced to the current phase

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Kim Graham 7 months ago

I looked for the greenest building design in New Zealand and was so disappointed to only find one building that was rated at 10-star. This has to be the new normal and not the oddity. If someone told you that summer days will be 50C in 25 years, how would you build a house now to accommodate for that? If someone told you that the country will be subject to 5 cyclones a year, how would you build to withstand that? If someone told you that electricity will be cut with rolling thunderstorms, how would you build for that? In essence, we can ensure that development can withstand the weather and natural cycles of the future by having more robust building standards with absolute compliance. Buildings of the future will require off-grid design features (rain water, solar), properly tethered joints (wind pressure), light-coloured materials (dampen heat island effect), and carbon absorbing amenities (dense trees, roof garden).

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