Auckland's Climate Action Plan

Painting the town Green: Green Roofs for Auckland

Encourage the use of green roofs, espeically for new developments/buildings.

Green roofs or living roofs make use of an underutilised impervious surface through planting and vegetation, that can reduce stormwater runoff , insulate buildings, improve air quality, and provide for biodiversity opportunities. Essentially, contributing to more healthy and climate proof buildings.

Current provisions within the Auckland Unitary Plan have weak regulatory enforcement when it comes to implimenting 'integrated stormwater management' or using green infrastrcuture (which includes green roofs), which isn't likely to encourage new development to utilise green roofs as a stormwater management technique. Additionally, mention of green infrastructure is restricted to this, which does not address the full benefits these methods can provide.

Furthermore, general knowledge about the benefits and value that green roofs provide (especially for climate proofing) are not understood, or easily quantifiable, therefore they are 'valued-out' by developers.

Cities like Rotterdam are much more proactive when it comes to climate proofing, promoting green roof intiatives that address two key social barriers, that impact on acceptance of cliamte adaptation action: perception of cost, and lack of knowledge.

To address this, the city introduced an attractive greenroof subsidy for homeowners, and held infomration events and festivals to increase public awareness and encourage active support and individual action. Essentially they understood that it would be impossible for the city government to create a climate-proof city on its own, therefore residents must be in the know and must also play a part.

Auckland could encourage similar green roofs intiatives for new / existing buidlings, in order to gain the benefits that green roofs can provide.

How can we ensure that new buildings constructed are healthy, zero emissions and climate proof?

Utilise and encourage green roofs where possible.

How can we encourage more home-owners, developers, businesses and others to build climate-proof and ‘green’?

Addressing the key knowledge and perception of cost barriers would likely encourage greater indvidual support and action.

Therefore, use public awareness campaigns to highlight the climate issue, promote green roof benefits and techniques, and emphasise that as inidviduals they too can make a difference.

This can be combined with a subsidy, e.g. for every m2 of green roof you will recieve a certain amount of money.

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