Auckland's Climate Action Plan

Future Foundation Cause (FFC)

My ideas for protecting peoples health and well being, including natural locations from climate change range from temperature and disease control because these were the foundation factors for my three chosen ideas.

-Water purifiers is one of my main chosen ideas to directly deal with aspects of the issue and to help improve a communities health and well being, like schools or general homes. This is to prevent disease from infecting people of all ages mainly to help kids and the elderly from getting sick by any water contaminated virus. This however does not deal with air borne strains caused by climate change, only dangerous diseases and viruses found in the water supply. This idea seems to have the most practical for use and may actually be the most useful to deal with foreign or dangerous pathogens overall. Although it would require many different types of resources, it will still turn out useful depending on certain implementations like power supply and manufacturing material for it creation. 

-Air conditioning units are also a good choice to deal with climate change in the form of dealing with increase in temperature. Apart from disease, temperature is a much more noticeable issue arising from climate change and may even affect peoples health and well being more in certain aspects. Though similar to the water purifiers idea it may require many different types of resources to make its use more sustainable for the environment and for people as well. This will be put into action by help homes, schools, workplaces, and even airports an train stations to get the full benefit of dealing with the increase of temperature.

-Cooler insulated clothing is not one of my main chosen ideas but I thought it would be unique none the less and will some what help towards the goal I want in finding ways of dealing with or becoming for resilient to climate change. Health and Well being is still most important when it comes to trying to find a solution or an idea and when it came to clothing I wanted there to be some kind of way we could have some benefits against climate change. Making clothing for universal production with insulators to prevent people getting to hot or to cold creates a nice dynamic in how we could create a sustainable and stylish way to deal with the temperature change due to climate. This idea overall may not seem realistically practically for use but still is interesting enough that I think it should be considered.

Overall these paragraphs could of been structured better, but I created an internal document detailing the exact ways of how these ideas could actually mean something of use someday in the future.

Jordan Kroonenberg Sep 20, 2018

Let me know what you think, give me feedback too please.

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Climate Action 4 months ago

Kia Ora Jordan! Following the CCRA reports released a few months ago, keeping cool will be necessary for Auckland in the future Thank you for these awesome ideas!

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