Auckland's Climate Action Plan


Why can't the council just bring more Public Transport to Auckland (including the CRL, Railway lines to the Airport and the North Shore, etc.) and build Sea Walls surrounding the Waitemata and Manukau Harbours (the two harbours surrounding Auckland). It's just as simple as eating a Piece of Cake! The Council is already doing a good job with the CRL but they just need to do a little more like continuing with their "more simple transport network between buses, trains and ferries". And to make sure we can cope with Tropical Cyclones, the Sea Walls would also be another great way to protect the city from flooding. I just hope that it's built out of strong materials like Timber, Aluminium, Steel, Vinyl, Plastic or even Concrete. All of these things are eazy-breezy to source! Come on Auckland Council, you need to pick up your game more!! (Refer to the link below for the full details on my strategy here)

Harry Crawford Sep 18, 2018

What do you think about my strategy?

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Climate Action 4 months ago

Kia Ora Harry! We love your positivity around climate change! Thanks for your great ideas. Once the plan has been released, these ideas could pose as possible actions.

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Jordan Kroonenberg Sep 20, 2018

Quite good

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