Auckland's Climate Action Plan

Have sustainable use of land and housing

Generation Zero
Generation Zero | Sep 2, 2018 | in Open Ideas

Auckland Council can further assist in addressing climate change through land use, to ensure future generations can access this in the future. This will be impacted if we are not supported now to manage this sustainably.

Project ideas include:

  • Community solar schemes
  • Pollinated pathways
  • Vertical gardens
  • Organic food gardens in Auckland
  • Establishing Building Zones
  • Look into use of permeable paving for all future projects


Kara Goddard 9 months ago

Establish building zones or opportunities for tiny house building, stop building huge big houses for the shrinking family size.

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Climate Primate 6 months ago

A re-think of how we use our urban space, from the ground (nature, plants, waterways) up. We have to LIVE here, so it needs to be a LIVING environment.

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