Auckland's Climate Action Plan

Support businesses and individuals to better manage and reduce their waste

Generation Zero
Generation Zero | Sep 2, 2018 | in Open Ideas

Policies should be established to provide people and businesses with the tools to manage and reduce waste, to provide a waste management system that helps supports a healthy environment accessible to everyone.

Project ideas include:

  • Regulating all restaurants to compost food waste properly
  • Regulate compost bins in suburbs so that home-owners and tenants are also encouraged to compost
  • Link with MPs to ensure that these become priority
  • Compost bins in the city centre
  • Apartment compost and worm farm facilities
  • Council linking with ShareWaste NZ (
  • Tax incentives for businesses to reduce waste
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Janet Cole 9 months ago

Hi Gen Zero
Really like these ideas. Love to catch up on this sometime. I work at Kaipatiki Project. We contract to Council to deliver Sharewaste in NZ, as part of Compost Collective, delivered in partnership with EcoMatters. We offer free how-to workshops across Auckland on work farming, bokassa, compost bins and DIY composting. Currently working with Council and zero waste community to co-create next iteration, love your input! - see our webpage for details or compost

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Heidi O 7 months ago

Yes, local composting is far better to encourage than food waste pickup, as it keeps people connected to the services that green infrastructure provides, as well as cutting down fossil fuel use. Need to make recycling of things like batteries easy. But once it is possible to do all these things, I think there need to be sticks as well as carrots. Polluting business and individuals need to pay for the treatment of their waste, not the general public paying for tax reductions to businesses just for doing what they should be doing anyway.

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