Auckland's Climate Action Plan

Improve public transport, cycling and walking access for all

Generation Zero
Generation Zero | 7 months ago | in Open Ideas

Public transport

The choice to take public transport should be easy for everyone and we need Auckland Transport to prioritise this for everyone.

Project ideas include:

  • Minimisation of on-street parking to provide access for cycle lanes, bus stops and widening footpaths for pedestrians
  • Night ferries on the weekends and during the week
  • More late night buses
  • Bike lanes on dominion road (with Light Rail)
  • Divide large footpath over bridge beside Great South Road intersection with Church St into cycle lane / keep glass off
  • Early morning Public Transport services
  • Free public transport for teachers/students up to and including doctoral students
  • Features on public transport to assist people with disabilities such as wheelchair access


Cycling and walking

Our environment should help show that cycling and walking is able to used by people and that they feel safe and supported in making this choice.

Projects ideas include:

  • End of trip facilities for cyclists such as storage lockers, showers, enclosed bike racks, CCTV, etc
  • Pedestrianise Queen St to provide a safe environment for pedestrians
  • Make High Street a Shared Lane to provide opportunities for cycling and walking to be more accessible
  • Finish the Laneway circuit as previous success in Vulcan Lane can be replicated throughout the city to benefit all
  • Subsidy for students and young professional who would like to buy e-bikes (e-bike subscription should not just be left to businesses).
  • More bike support centred around the city such as tyre pumps, etc
  • Ensure that main roads as well as roads leading to schools have cycle paths that are not shared with buses
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