Auckland's Climate Action Plan

Make opportunities for transport alternatives a reality!

Generation Zero
Generation Zero | Sep 2, 2018 | in What has to change?

Provide a transport system that helps cater to all transport modes to provide more opportunities for people to access the city by bus, train, bike, ferry or walking.

Principles include:

  • Improving public transport accessibility - Especially to other areas of Auckland (South Auckland, West Auckland), travel between and within suburbs by public transport feasible and more and higher frequency of night services
  • The council doing research that benchmarks public transport costs compared to private car use, to ensure taking public transport is always cheaper
  • Pedestrian priority in the city centre and central areas of suburbs
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Janet Cole 9 months ago

Great suggestion- I travel West to North and struggle to get good daily solutions.

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Climate Primate 6 months ago

This is great. Very clear direction setting for our Auckland Climate Action Plan. There is a range of research council should do including this, but also maybe clarifying the cost barriers certain cohorts experience.

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E Gran 2 months ago

Cheaper or subsidized (by employers?) public transport should be introduced. Quite often parking in town costs the same as getting a bus to work.

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