Auckland's Climate Action Plan

Reforesting the city

Richard Butler
Richard Butler | Aug 13, 2018 | in Open Ideas

There is so much grass in urban Auckland that is not used.  There are large areas of grass along roads that are never used for recreation- and someone has to mow them and keep them tidy.  There are also large areas of reserve land which again are on a slope or where people do not go much.  All these areas could be planted out in native trees of suitable size and scale- including road berms (eg.native grasses, hebes).    These would create a carbon sink, improve the quality and flows of stormwater runoff and create a habitat for native birds.  While there would be an initial expense, there would be financial savings in the long term both in mowing/ maintenance costs and the fossil fuel used to do this.    And people are always keen to volunteer their time to plant more trees

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