Auckland's Climate Action Plan

Subsidised Solar Panels

Leigh Nicholson
Leigh Nicholson | Aug 4, 2018 | in What has to change?

The government must subsidise the cost of solar panels on residential properties along with batteries and electric cars - for 3 years.

The electricity that is saved from households must go to electric vehicles. The green energy savings can be traded as carbon credits to fund the subsidies. 

This will allow us to build the necessary infrastructure for a fossil free future for the next generation. This has to happen quickly as we are already into unchartered waters with climate change.

Climate Primate 6 months ago

Great idea Leigh. Investment in a whole of cycle power system which is about what we can generate for ourselves, how we can use, and how we access 'the grid' - both putting in and taking out, is the next big step for New Zealand at an infrastructure level, and in New Zealand's climate solar is a no brainer for localised generation, low power transfer cost (location to location) and making the most of our resources. Government and local council investment here, likewise, is a no brainer because: the solar power sectora dn technology is not developing a sufficient rate to bring on line wide spread use of solar panels through private investment - the behaviour driver is dominated by cost to the user and will be until the cost is low enough to be an obvious best choice. This makes out a classic case for a subsidy in the interim to get the market humming.

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