Auckland's Climate Action Plan

100% Electric Buses

No more smelly buses. Let's transform Auckland's bus fleet to 100% Electric. We've already started. Let's commit to Auckland's bus fleet becoming 100% Electric.

Mr Goff has said, “Last year I pledged with mayors from around the world to work towards making our streets fossil-fuel free. As part of the declaration I committed Auckland to procure only zero-emission buses by 2025."

Let's go one step further, really get serious about making our streets fossil fuel free and transform the whole fleet!

Peter Wallis 2 months ago

Well done Auckland! As the Electric Bus running costs come in you are going to be surprised that they are indeed as low as advertised. Not so easy to estimate is the number of premature deaths you will have saved among the general public by not emitting those damaging diesel fumes. Can we have some electric buses on Waiheke Island too?

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