Auckland's Climate Action Plan

Auckland Schools 100% Solar Powered

Let's put enough solar panels and batteries into our schools to power Auckland's education with the sun!

With 545 solar powered schools our tamariki will learn about the power of renewable energy to reduce their schools carbon footprint. There are great financial, educational, environmental and resilience benefits for our communities.

Powering Auckland's classrooms with the energy of the sun makes perfect sense. Let's make our communities more resilient with the goal of every Auckland school being solar powered. 

Nitin Prasad Aug 2, 2018

Thats a great idea. Super ambitious!

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Heidi O 7 months ago

As a first step we should at least put the solar panels on. School power use coincides well with solar production, and most schools will have good, big roofs unshaded by trees for this to work well. Batteries could follow if the analysis of the energy gains show they are warranted.

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