Auckland's Climate Action Plan

Green Tax Benefit

Leigh Nicholson
Leigh Nicholson | Aug 2, 2018 | in What has to change?

Those companies that are involved in green initiatives should be entitled to a tax break, and those companies that are not embracing zero carbon should pay a higher tax.

This is a double incentive for companies and businesses to change the behaviour and embrace the need for climate change mitigation.

In particular, green start up, companies should be supported and promoted to further incentivise the creation of new industries

Janet Cole 9 months ago

Great idea, could be combined with new Investment Fund.

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Climate Primate 6 months ago

The fundamentals of how we use our pubic money, both rates through local government, and taxes through central government, need to change. A Climate Change lens as the primary and fundamental driver for both is the SHIFT we need, because as is now widely agreed, Climate Change is the greatest challenge, risk, cost and threat we face today.
Taxation is key, and the user pays approach applied in many other areas should be applied through breaks for climate responsive businesses and levies for others... Ok then, Direction 2019 set...

Climate Primate agrees we need a fundamental change in LTP planning, and that we need climate change to be the only agenda for local government elections 2019. #testtheircredentials

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Tim Rainbow 6 months ago

I am amazed that the electrical tariff system isn't designed to buy back power at a reasonable tariff. There are many New Worlds / Pak n Saves being built that could surely install 200 to 300 kw of solar on their roof areas, modern batteries could allow them to support the grid too. Surely they could be given a business rates break or subsidy to make it more attractive. Companies like O-I glass still have asbestos roof material but massive surface areas so why not help them to get rid of a cancer causing material and help with their huge electricity bill?

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Leigh Nicholson 5 months ago

Too right - there should be more incentive for smaller solar panels feeding back to the grid!!!!

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