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Green Rooftops

Nitin Prasad
Nitin Prasad | 6 months ago | in Open Ideas

Imagine if all the available rooftop space in NZ is either semi or fully converted into green spaces! - It would totally reduce surrounding temperatures, increase biodiversity and create new green spaces!

This idea is around increasing the awareness of using existing rooftop spaces (For flats, office buildings, shop owners & homes where possible) to create new green spaces whether it's one plant, a raised vege patch or if it's converting an entire rooftop into a garden like the NZI building in Auckland CBD!.

It could just be an awareness programme on the benefits of converting part of full rooftop space into green areas. There could be an opportunity for garden centers, plant nurseries to get involved provide discounts etc.

This could be individuals or companies signing up and participating to an awareness programme on green rooftops with tips, discounts and suggestions on how to create green spaces.

It could be further expanded to bring in plant nurseries, garden centers and companies to create competition on the best green rooftop space or the most bio diverse rooftop etc.

Cost vs Benefit analysis:

For this idea to work, the plants and material should either be discounted or there must be some incentive like a reduction in rates if owners keep a minimum of X plants for a minimum of 6 months or something. Thoughts?

Benefits of Green Rooftops:

  • Reduces the ambient temperature in the surrounding area
  • Reduce pollution levels 
  • Increases biodiversity and ecological benefits
  • Reduces noice
  • Protects the roof 
  • And more

The idea of green rooftops have been around for a while now. It's caught on in other countries and I'm sure there's a way to make it happen here while keeping it optional, low cost and one that helps with the climate action plan.

I'm sure there is a simple way to encourage better use of existing rooftop spaces while creating a win-win situation for all involved. 

Green roof on NZI Building - Auckland CBD

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Nitin Prasad 6 months ago

Would owners with a roof garden get a rebate in rates after a certain time frame? Would that be the incentive that gets more plants and greenery on the roof?


Create like social public spaces on rooftops with bars to involve the community? What would work?

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