Auckland's Climate Action Plan

Real Actions Right Now

General George Patton is quoted as saying that a pretty good plan, pursued with vigour today, will always beat the perfect plan that wont be ready till next week. If the city is serious about the emergency part of the declaration, it will take real actions that affect peoples' lives right now. When a tsunami is on the way, we don't call for submissions to a committee, we send out messages and blow sirens and get staff mobilised to help those in the way to escape in time.

The Council needs to accept that, although the city has attempted to curb emissions for the last half dozen years, it has failed to do so, emissions have continued to rise steadily and are on course to increase by 27% by 2030, plainly this is unacceptable under the "emergency. Therefore, instead of trying to come up with the perfect plan that meets all of the "business as usual" considerations, the council needs to exhibit actual leadership and to do it now. So

1. Freeze all travel budgets for all departments for 5 years, possibly with a sinking lid. Any and all council travel to be 100% offset with carbon credits from existing budgets

2. Remove from the list of permitted activities all motorsport events. Not only are they a frivolous waste of fossil fuels and contribute only to city emissions, they also attract thousands of people to burn even more fossils fuels getting to and from the events.

3. Any event being held in the city, conferences, sporting events etc, must show 100% carbon offset for all activities of all participants from the time they begin traveling to the time they return home. If not, they are not permitted to use any of the city's facilities.

4. Establish a carbon offset fund into which such events and activities can pay to pay for landscape work such as tree plantings, expansion of public transport services etc. The accounts being publicly available at all times and audited annually so we can see who is getting what to do what. Encourage all other city businesses, such as accommodation, to do the same.

5. Follow Luxembourg and Estonia and make all public transport free, first on weekends and then at all times.

6. Triage. Clearly label those areas of the city that we expect to be inundated over a given time span, refuse all permits for new builds in those areas and facilitate their progressive abandonment. This will include transport links such as the NW Motorway, waterfront drive etc. We have seen what happened in Christchurch when the city failed to take into account actual conditions in the red zone, we have our own red zones, don't hide them. In any case, the global insurance business is already beginning to apply these concepts to their own cover, we don't want to be forced to abandon certain areas for any reason, climate change or uninsurability, which will probably come first.

7. Discourage professional sports that, again, encourage large scale travel to and from, but encourage more active sports facilities for all citizens to be involved in easily, close to home. In the process, convert public parks into carbon sinks and community garden, that means golf courses as well.


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