Auckland's Climate Action Plan

Carbon Negative events

John Allen
John Allen | 2 months ago | in Open Ideas

Biochar is an effective carbon sequestration technology.  I have used biochar at our Earth Day events for three years now (2017 - 2019) to make the events carbon negative (in terms of planning and running the events, plus the emissions from people attending them) by burying the char in the soil.  If trees are planted atop the char, then further carbon is sequestered.  Additionally, when the char is inoculated by microbes (to turn it in to biochar), it can be a beneficial soil amendment.

Each kilogram of dry wood that is pyrolised (heated to more than 300°C in the absence of oxygen) and then buried in the soil, around a kilogram of atmospheric CO2  will be sequestered. If that wood were allowed to fully decay, 100% of the carbon in it would have been returned to the atmosphere.  By charring it and burying it in soil, the carbon is made more stable and less prone to bacterial decay, and is effectively removed from the atmosphere for many decades.

Pyrolysis can also be used to turn municipal and farm waste streams in to char.

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