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Wrap up session?

John Stowell
John Stowell | 3 months ago | in Open Ideas

Presumably, with the imminent publication of the Council's Draft Climate Action Framework, this website will be taken down.

 There are 479 “profiles” on the community page of the website, which it appears has been up for 10 months or so, though I have only recently come across it. It is not clear in what way those 479 folk chose to interact with the site, but it is a bit depressing to see that the larest entry from John Mauro, one of the administrators of the site, was 7 months ago, and the latest blog listed is from 8 months ago.

 Some of the comments and ideas are relatively current, so some of the “profiles” are active, and of the order of 60 ideas have been posted on the Ideas Hub, and some 42 of them have received one or more votes. So presumably some of the ideas may have been incorporated into the Council's draft Climate Action Framework, though it is not clear whether this is so.

 As a wrap up of the present phase, would the idea of the Council inviting those 479 “profiles” to meet together face to face appeal? The aim would be to discuss their experience of using the Climateakl site, and what kind of improvements might be made in future to the way the Council interacts with the public at large on reducing, ungently, our carbon emissions. No need to panic. Probably only a fraction of the “profiles” would accept the invitation, and if the Council could provide a venue where folk could meet around tables of 8 or so, we could bring our own coffee and sandwiches.

Rex Smith 3 months ago

Jolly good idea John. Checkout the 'Fossil fuels in bad books' and post a comment if you want.

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John Stowell 2 months ago

Alternatively, given the impossibility of conducting a true discussion through this site, why don't you all join the Extinction Rebellion and in particular agitate for the Council to set up a proper Citizens' Assembly to allow deliberation by Aucklanders at large.

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