Auckland's Climate Action Plan

Golf courses score Hole in One for Conservation

Many areas on land owned by the council, especially Golf courses and some city reserves could easily be converted into City sanctuary islands with no non-native predators. Native birds can island hop from larger DOC and ARC reserves and start to re-populate our city areas

How can we protect green spaces and increase green infrastructure in Auckland?

Predator fencing or extensive trapping can be installed around land packets that would not affect public access such as parts of golf courses. Native tree planting combined with appropriate maintenance will give islands of safety for native birds, insects and skinks. Schools could adopt a predator free area to learn the importance of protection of our natural areas. The Kingfisher photograph was taken during a bird survey in Devonport this weekend after several years of pest trapping we are starting to see more species making a return.

Where can we plant trees and increase canopy cover in Auckland?

These area are already partly planted but would be gradually converted to native trees and plants to provide the correct food for our native birds. The increased tree planting would also contribute to our cleaner climate and wellbeing. The birdsong alone is so uplifting and inspiring

How can we grow our urban forest?

Many mini protected areas allowing the natural spreading of seed to other areas and encourages land owners/gardeners to copy

How can we ensure all Aucklanders have equitable access to green spaces?

Areas can be accessible to all except dog walking etc would not be allowed. Issues such as night security may mean internal access is limited but external appreciation would still be positive

How can we use and protect green corridors to improve biodiversity?

This idea is entirely there to address some of our biodiversity issues. Rats, Hedgehogs, Stoats would not be present to allow our native bush, insects and animals to recover

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