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Have you got the bottle?

Tim Rainbow
Tim Rainbow | 5 months ago | in Designing out waste

Glass and plastic bottles must be re-used to prevent plastic waste and energy used in remaking bottles. The consumer buys their full bottles by crate or in bulk and pays a deposit for the bottles. The empties are taken back to the shop in return for the deposit. Use of glass would be encouraged because glass is environmentally better and can be fully recycled

Climate Primate 5 months ago

Thanks Tim. Talking sense dude. I think we can surely make less of these ridiculous 'future curiosities' (glass and plastic bottles purchased as single use from shops. But otherwise, 100% re-use or recycle has to be the normal expectation.

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Tim Rainbow 5 months ago

Yes - always used to work - eg milk bottles, bulk purchasing with deposits certainly works in Germany ( although you are tempted to drink more beer!) - 'recycled ideas are better than revolutionary ideas' mate, it can be easy if steered in the correct direction - so disappointed in our politicians

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