Auckland's Climate Action Plan

Fast track Consents for Greener Houses

ARC recognises house designs that are environmentally friendly by fast tracking and rebating 15% of fees

How can we ensure that new buildings constructed are healthy, zero emissions and climate proof?

The design process and capital cost of an Environmentally house is more than a standard code compliant house design. The council will encourage more Eco house features by helping to reduce some cost by the equivalent amount to GST. The photograph shows Insulated Concrete form structure on a large Coatesville property, combined with other features gave very low running costs due to the small energy requirement

How can we encourage more home-owners, developers, businesses and others to build climate-proof and ‘green’?

By reducing the approval time and fees proportional to the energy rating of the house design

Climate Primate 3 months ago

Isn't the point of regulation to encourage the best outcomes in a particular line of business? In Auckland and maybe NZ we have used regulation generally to set basic standards, and therefore encourage the most basic level of delivery. Maybe we should use regulation differently? By specifying a high standard as a requirement.

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Tim Rainbow 3 months ago

I agree, but minimum standards may be much lower than best practice and may not be affordable though hopefully over time the minimum standard is raised. Homestar rating use, for example incurs cost but gives long term benefits, the design also takes longer. Financial incentives are used all around the world - even Mr Trump gives $7000 dollars per car to EV manufacturers in their early years of manufacture, UK gives road tax breaks for Hybrid/EVs and penalties for large engined cars so I think Rates, Consent fees etc could also be used for incentives

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