Auckland's Climate Action Plan

Schools become our action on Climate

Encourage schools and other large roof structure owners to install medium scale solar panel systems. Must include battery systems to help provide peak support to the power grid. New modular school buildings can be orientated with this in mind and be designed to eliminate the need for grid electricity. The school should complete a design study within it's teaching of relating to Climate change, even if the study shows that the building is not suited it will encourage pro-active involvement. Foodstuffs, O-I glass, Carter Holt Harvey should all examine their potential projects and ARC could support them in consents and funding options - battery technology has moved on and we can move with it

How can we make our existing buildings healthier, more efficient and climate proof?

ARC should encourage the Electricity industry to modify it's power cost structure and tariffs to encourage the use of solar and renewable electricity thus allowing climate change improvements without penalising the property owner. Subsidising EVs will also increase their use and start to allow them to backfeed power through dwellings into the grid to help grid stability I have a dream to install Solar and get free power for car whilst helping our planet

How can we support Auckland to transform our built environment to be resilient to our changing climate, zero carbon and most importantly healthy places to live?

Solar panels are getting more efficient yet still very few schools are placing them

edited on 10th May 2019, 23:05 by Tim Rainbow

Climate Primate 3 months ago

Love the title of this one Tim, I think that is a critical community based approach to all these questions around climate action and other action too. Schools and churches, and maybe sports clubs are the centre of our communities, and it is a great idea that they become the community hubs for action on climate change and a range of other actions and issues.

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Tim Rainbow 3 months ago

Yes - I get frustrated with the school march protests even though I agree with the sentiments - wouldn't it be great if our kids could actually do something relevant to address the issues and actually understand electricity generation and it's use efficiencies a little more - our new green Engineers!!

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Climate Primate 3 months ago

Thanks Wise Owl. Reflecting on this I think a reframe is needed. Tim Rainbow’s actual idea captures something broad and really meaningful: “Let’s make school our Climate action” ... this is way more that large rooves, community gardens, or protest. What it really speaks about is the students in the schools needing the tools to be the change, and be the future basic building blocks of sustainable communities.

When/if we crack how to harness that potential, it will be a game changer for climate action and climate expectations.

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