Auckland's Climate Action Plan

Brilliant idea: Auckland Council and all Climate Leader Coalition members vehicle fleets 50% electric by 2020

In July 2018 Auckland Council increased its EV fleet to 14. 14 out of 790. I'm not good at math, but that's around 2% right? Seriously. Is this climate action leadership? Climate action means change. Change for elected members and council's alike means learning to invest in DIFFERENT STUFF, not the same stuff.

There's all sorts of Einstein here. The definition of insane comes to mind. CCOs for example who assume a budget increase year on year because they 'do something too important to be subject to CHANGE' in the face of the climate crisis... Keep investing in the same things, keep getting the same outcome. Gotta change the input.

Make the good easy. Public transports' good. Is it easy? Cars are easy. Are they good? Biking is easy and good. But only if there is a shower at work. The point is Einstein died around a 100 years ago and had some pretty clear idea that stretched from quantum physics obviously, to good governance, not so obviously.

So thats the challenge for our Climate Leaders Coalition leaders. 50% of your fleets electric by 2020.

grace 5 months ago

790 cars is too expensive and a waste of tax payers money, take pt like the rest of us

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Climate Primate 5 months ago

I agree that would be costly. I expect most of the members of the CLC group have gone through serious rationalisation if their fleets and vehicle needs over the decade, driven by fiscal not environmental impetus. Also important to note a majority of these fleets will be service vehicles, not just cars to get staff from X to Y. So if assume council needs 790 vehicles the opportunity is in greening the fleet, quickly. I agree this has a fiscal element - a cost to rate-payers. But that is really the point. It’s not that council and these other businesses don’t have enough money... the problem is when it comes to prioritising spending, CLIMATE ACTION has not yet featured as a driver among competing demands. Leaders like Mayor Goff will continue to smile next to electric cars and while they ride on new cycleways, but one electric car, or 14, or 76 metres of cycleway, the change Demanded by SR1.5 do not make...

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